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Contents of volume 39  issue 4 , October 2018
Henryk Klama / Piotr GORSKI

Red List of Liverworts and Hornworts of Poland (4th edition, 2018)
p. 415-441

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Macromitrium panduraefolium (orthotrichaceae, Bryophyta), a new species from new caledonia, with a key to the aristate Macromitrium species in the Pacific, Malesia and Australasia regions.
p. 443-450

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Jorge R. FLORES / Ignacio JIMÉNEZ / Guillermo M. SUÁREZ

Morphological comparison between Targionia hypophylla L. and T. stellaris (Marchantiophyta) in subtropical Argentina with novel description of the sporophyte of T. stellaris
p. 451-458

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Li-Qun YANG / Dong-Mei REN / Xue-Liang BAI / Dong-Ping ZHAO

Bryoerythrophyllum latinervium var. rotundatum X.L.Bai, d.M.Ren & L.Q.Yang (Pottiaceae), a new moss variety from northern china
p. 459-465

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Qing-Hua WANG / Yu JIA

Ulota panchengiana, a new species from china and notes on the taxonomy of U. morrisonensis Horik. & nog. (orthotrichaceae)
p. 467-480

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Chatchaba PROMMA / Li-Na ZHANG / Lei SHU / Sahut CHANTANAORRAPINT / Matthew A. M. RENNER / Rui-Liang ZHU

Radula deflexilobula (Radulaceae, Marchantiophyta) from thailand, a new species based on morphological and molecular data
p. 481-497

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Dandan LI / Jing YU / Lin SHEN / Shui-Liang GUO

Predictive modelling of the distribution and evaluation of the conservation status with a taxonomic clarification of Macromitrium fortunatii thér. (orthotrichaceae, Bryophyta) in china and adjacent regions
p. 499-513

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S. Robbert GRADSTEIN / Catherine REEB

the genus Riccardia (Aneuraceae) in colombia and ecuador
p. 515-540

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