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Contents of volume 38  issue 4 ,  2017

Cylindrocarpon-like (Ascomycota, Hypocreales) species from the Amazonian rain forests in Ecuador: additions to Campylocarpon and Dactylonectria
p. 409-434

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Gregorio DELGADO / Ondřej KOUKOL / Orlando CACERES / Meike PIEPENBRING

The phylogenetic placement of Ernakulamia cochinensis within Pleosporales (Dothideomycetes, Ascomycota)
p. 435-451

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Kanad DAS / Annemieke VERBEKEN / Dyutiparna CHAKRABORTY / Rameshwar AVCHAR / Abhishek BAGHELA

Morphological and phylogenetic evidence for two new Lactarius species (Russulales, Basidiomycota) from India
p. 453-467

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Gérald GRUHN / Sylvain DUMEZ / Pierre-Arthur MOREAU / Mélanie ROY / Orinne MORREALE / Heidy SCHIMANN / Régis COURTECUISSE

The genus Resinicium in French Guiana and the West Indies: a morphological and molecular survey, revealing Resinicium grandisporum sp. nov.
p. 469-483

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Charlie BOUCHER / Tinh-Suong NGUYEN / Philippe SILAR

Species delimitation in the Podospora anserina/P. pauciseta/P. comata species complex (Sordariales)
p. 485-506

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Chada NORPHANPHOUN / Rajesh JEEWON / Eric H. C. McKENZIE / Ting-Chi WEN / Erio CAMPORESI / Kevin D. HYDE

Taxonomic position of Melomastia italica sp. nov. and phylogenetic reappraisal of Dyfrolomycetales
p. 507-525

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Kanad DAS / Aniket GHOSH / Rajendra Prasad BHATT / Dyutiparna CHAKRABORTY / Valérie HOFSTETTER / Bart BUYCK

Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 41-50
p. 527-547

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