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Contents of volume 38  issue 4 , November 2017
Katia SCIUTO / Emanuela MOSCHIN / Isabella MORO

Cryptic cyanobacterial diversity in the giant cave (Trieste, Italy): the new genus Timaviella (Leptolyngbyaceae)
p. 285-323

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Peter A. SIVER / Anne Marie LOTT

The Scaled Chrysophyte Flora in Freshwater Ponds and Lakes from Newfoundland, Canada, and their Relationship to Environmental Variables
p. 325-347

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Patrick RIOUAL / David JEWSON / Qiang LIU / Guoqiang CHU / Jingtai HAN / Jiaqi LIU

Morphology and ecology of a new centric diatom belonging to the Cyclotella comta (Ehrenberg) Kützing complex: Lindavia khinganensis sp. nov. from the Greater Khingan Range, Northeastern China
p. 349-377

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Stacy A. KRUEGER-HADFIELD / Caroline L. MAGILL / Francis St.P.D. BUNKER / Nova MIESZKOWSKA / Erik E. SOTKA / Christine A. MAGGS

When invaders go unnoticed: the case of Gracilaria vermiculophylla in the British Isles
p. 379-400

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