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Contents of volume 38  issue 2 , June 2017
Andrea MICHLIG / Maria Pia RODRÍGUEZ / André APTROOT / Nicolás NIVEIRO / Lidia Itatí FERRARO

New species of the Heterodermia comosa-group (Physciaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) from southern South America
p. 155-167

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Yong-Zong LU / Saranyaphat BOONMEE / Jian-Kui LIU / Kevin D. HYDE / D. Jayarama BHAT / Prapassorn D. EUNGWANICHAYAPANT / Ji-Chuan KANG

Novel Neoacanthostigma species from aquatic habitats
p. 169-190

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Jianbin ZHANG / Jingwei LI / Fang LI / Lihong QIU

Russula dinghuensis sp. nov. and R. subpallidirosea sp. nov., two new species from southern China supported by morphological and molecular evidence
p. 191-203

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Patrick Brandon MATHENY / Timothy J. BARONI / Adriana SIMONI / Maria E. HOLGADO ROJAS / Marisol SÁNCHEZ-GARCÍA / G.M. GATES

The wild edible mushroom Pleurocollybia cibaria from Peru is a species of Gerhardtia in the Lyophyllaceae (Agaricales)
p. 205-212

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Itthayakorn PROMPUTTHA / Eric H.C. MCKENZIE / Danushka S. TENNAKOON / Saisamorn LUMYONG / Kevin D. HYDE

Succession and natural occurrence of saprobic fungi on leaves of Magnolia liliifera in a tropical forest
p. 213-225

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Li-Dan DAI / Yan ZHAO / Shuang-Hui HE

Three new species of Aleurodiscus s.l. (Russulales, Basidiomycota) on bamboos from East Asia
p. 227-239

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Subashini C. JAYASIRI / Kevin D. HYDE / E.B. Gareth JONES / Hiran A. ARIYAWANSA / Ali H. BAHKALI / Abdallah M. ELGORBAN / Ji-Chuan KANG

A new hysteriform dothideomycete (Gloniaceae, Pleosporomycetidae incertae sedis), Purpurepithecium murisporum gen. et sp. nov. on pine cone scales
p. 241-251

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Edier Soto MEDINA / André APTROOT / Robert LUCKING

Aspidothelium silverstonei and Astrothelium fuscosporum, two new corticolous lichen species from Colombia
p. 253-258

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Sayanh SOMRITHIPOL / E.B. Gareth JONES / Ali H. BAHKALI / Satinee SUETRONG / Sujinda SOMMAI / Chalida CHAMOI / Peter R. JOHNSTON / Jerry A. COOPER / Nattawut RUNGJINDAMAI

Lauriomyces, a new lineage in the Leotiomycetes with three new species
p. 259-273

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André APTROOT / Emerson L. GUMBOSKI / Marcela Eugenia da Silva CÁCERES

New Arthoniales from Santa Catarina (South Brazil)
p. 275-281

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